Westman Region

Westman Region


Hi, my name is Marian Goldstone, and I am the Peer Support Outreach Manager for MDAM in the Westman Region of Manitoba. Included in the Westman region are the towns of Birtle, Carberry, Killarney, Melita, Minnedosa, Neepawa, and Virden and the city of Brandon. 

Our Peer Support Outreach team in Brandon includes Madi Barteaux and Nikki Beaupre. Our team can provide one-on-one peer support, facilitate peer support groups, or give presentations in workplaces, non-profit groups or in schools about mood disorders.

If you are struggling with your mental health, looking for resources, or would like to book a presentation or one-on-one peer support session, please email westman@moodmb.ca


Hi there, my name is Marian Goldstone and I am the Westman Regional Outreach Manager and the Regional Development Manager. I am in my 5th year of working for MDAM Westman and as a person of lived and shared experience with mental health and co-occurring conditions, I am passionate about my work in this field. I very much enjoy the people I work with each day, as well as the experiences of working in the MDAM Westman Region.

I came to MDAM following an extensive teaching career at both public school and university levels. I am a lifelong learner and have completed a B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed. (Special Education), M.Ed. (counseling), as well as C.C.P.A. membership.

I enjoy spending time with my family and dog, reading, gardening and being outdoors whenever possible.

Contact: Marian Goldstone
Phone: 204-721-2174

Nikki Beaupre is one our administrative assistants and is a peer support group facilitator as well. This is Nikki’s first year with us and she has been growing her skill set ever since. She came to us with an extensive background as a certified healthcare aide and is passionate about helping others and hearing their stories, as she too has lived and shared experience with mental health. She enjoys exploring various topics on psychology and spirituality, spending time with her cat Chester, going for long walks and being in nature. 

Madi Barteaux is our newest addition to our Westman crew. She is freshly graduated from Assiniboine Community College’s Social Service Work program and is passionate about many things, especially removing the stigma that surrounds mental health! Madi is a Peer Support Outreach Worker for the Westman region. Madi’s main focus in Westman is youth and she is introducing a new program to the Westman region, the Disordered Eating and Body Image workshop. She is also a peer support group facilitator. Madi has many interests, she has played hockey since an early age, loves softball and baseball, and enjoys being outdoors!

Spring Tallant is the Central Region’s Support Outreach Worker for MDAM, working out of the Westman office.

Spring presently resides in Brandon, MB with her two beautiful cats, and has been an advocate for, and involved with Mood Disorders Association of Westman over the past 25 years.

Her background as a former RCMP Officer, E911 Telecommunications Operator/Dispatcher, Office Manager for the Brandon Youth Soccer Association, and as a self-employed Private Home Daycare Provider for the past 16 years has provided her with a love of working with people from all walks of life!

Spring has a strong desire to see eradication of the stigma that surrounds people who live with mental illnesses and mood disorders. It is her mission to be a voice of advocacy and support to help others on their paths towards mental wellness. 

In her leisure time, Spring enjoys creative writing, music, nature walks, cooking and baking, and dabbles a little bit with pencil drawing and photography, with her pets as my favorite subjects!

Contact: Spring Tallant
Phone: 204-396-7923

Marian Goldstone
Nikki Beaupre
Madi Barteaux
Photo of Spring Tallant

Spring Tallant

Crisis Phone List

All Rural Farm and Rural Stress Line: 866-367-3276

North Westman: 866-427-8628

South Westman: 204-326-9276 or toll-free 888-617-7715

Brandon and Assiniboine: 1-888-379-7699

Wellness Peer Support Group – Westman

Soul Sisters 

Brandon Men’s Activity Club

Westman Men’s Exchange *On Hold*

Bipolar Peer Support Group

Power To Parent *On Hold*

Age 12-29 Disordered Eating

Age 12 – 29 Youth Self-Esteem

This is a mixed group with a focus on wellness topics. This group does not meet on statutory holidays. (No charge for this group).

To receive the link to this group or further information, please contact Westman@moodmb.ca, or call or text Marian at 204-721-2174 or Nikki at adassit@moodmb.ca



6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Facilitator: Nikki


This is a “coffee and conversation” support group for women experiencing mood disorders, low mood, or the frustrations and concerns of Covid-19. It is a group of women helping women through sisterhood and connection. This group does not meet on statutory holidays. (No charge for this group)

To receive the link to this group or for further information, please contact westman@moodmb.ca or call / text Marian at 204-721-2174 or Susan at susans@moodmb.ca



10:00am to 11:00am

Facilitator: Susan


This group is aimed primarily at men 40+ but those younger are welcome as well. The group fosters socialization and connection amongst men in a workshop setting. This group does not meet on statutory holidays. (No charge for this group.)

To receive the link to this group or for further information, please contact Marian at westman@moodmb.ca or at 204-721-2174



12:30 to 2:00 pm

Facilitator: In person at the BNRC Creation Nation Maker Space in Brandon, Manitoba

Join men aged 18+ from Westman area to discuss news about your community, your interests and general connection and camaraderie. This group meets every Thursday virtually from 1:30 – 3:00 pm.

For more information or to register for free, please email at westman@moodmb.ca or call / text  204-721-2174 

*Currently on Hold*



1:30 to 3:00 pm


An online peer support group for those living with bipolar, diagnosed or undiagnosed. Meet and connect with peers in your area on Thursday nights. This group does not meet on statutory holidays. (No charge for this group).

To receive the link to this group or for further information, please email at westman@moodmb.ca or call / text 204-721-2174.



6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Facilitator: Marian


Please note: Power to Parent will be taking a hiatus until sometime in the fall season. This is owing to how busy parents are due to the summer holidays.

If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please email adassist@moodmb.ca or call/text our Westman office at (204) 721-2174

We apologize for the inconvenience, and look forward to seeing you sometime in the fall! 


First Monday of each month

6:30 pm


This group caters to individuals between the ages of 12 – 29 who are experiencing disordered eating (no diagnosis required). This group requires you to email the facilitator to pre-register. Please email norman@moodmb.ca.



4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Facilitator: Madi


This group is open to anyone 12 – 29 years old who is struggling with their self-esteem.



5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Facilitator: Madi



4:30 - 5:30 pm

Facilitator: Madi


Introducing: Westman’s New WRAP Program

This FREE 6-week online program teaches you how to take control of your mental health.
These classes teach you how to design your own personal WRAP.

These sessions are led by trained individuals who have struggled with their own mental health and are well on their way to recovery.

WRAP classes will teach you how to incorporate the five fundamental recovery concepts into your daily life. The 6 – 8 sessions will cover some of the following topics:

  • Creating a Crisis Plan
  • Early Warning Signs
  • Five Key Concepts of Recovery
  • Identifying My Triggers
  • Creating a Daily Maintenance Plan

Classes offered online starting March 28th

6pm to 8pm, Tuesday Evenings

Email adassist@moodmb.ca to register

Presentation & Workshop Requests

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation or a workshop on peer support and/or mental health, please fill out the Presentation Request Form by clicking on the Request button below.

Book a One-on-One

Do you need someone to talk to? We offer peer support in a one-on-one (virtual) setting. If you would like to book a peer support session, please click on the BOOK NOW button below. Appointments are 30 min – 1 hour in length and are conducted by video chat, using Microsoft Teams.

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Westman Events

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Volunteer in Westman

Volunteers are integral to the creation and ongoing maintenance of MDAM’s programming. MDAM offers several opportunities for anyone interested in providing support and education directly to our clients.

Interested in volunteering in the Westman Region?