MDAM has partnered with Annabel Scott from Pilates Manitoba to offer a special FREE intenSati class (donations welcome!) on June 24th from 6:30 – 7:30 pm. This will be a virtual class hosted on Zoom.

Link to join Zoom:

Welcome to your June leadSati series!

This month’s series is about upgrading the quality of our mental, emotional, and physical well-being so that we can upgrade the experience of our life. It is called I AM HERE. It is about practicing the pause, practicing being present to this moment and breath, practicing learning to stay.

The experience of our life is based on how we speak about our life and for any area of our life in which we wish to create change, we must first identify our set-point. If we feel stuck on money or relationships, how do we view that area? What do we think or say is possible for us? The words we use and the attitude we hold around that life area determines our set point and it’s our set point that determines our state of being and informs our current reality. So, if we want to create change, we have to know what our starting point is and then begin the work to separate the emotional connection or story from the situation itself. One of the easiest ways to separate the story from the situation is to find the good within the situation because it changes everything. 

You will find an invigorating cardio series that will allow you to let go of what you no longer wish to experience so you can choose the life you want to live… You’ll also find a soulful cool-down sequence designed to further help you let go, as well as a closing meditation that will help seal all of this month’s work in. 

This month, what’s good? What’s going well? Where can you celebrate your ability to choose what you think, say and do?

Here is a sneak peek at the affirmations we will be using. All lines are explained and elaborated on during the intenSati session.

I am free to choose
I choose love over fear
I am leaning in
I choose to be here (i.e. I am practicing the power of being in the NOW)

I release self-doubt
I choose my attitude
I can choose to love (i.e. any love, self-love, love of your higher self- call that here-good things happen fro here)
I can choose gratitude (i.e. we are practicing the power of choice)

I am challenging myself
I can do hard things
I am growing everyday
with strength and ease

I am here now
I am letting go
All is well
I am in the flow (everything you believe about yourself is after the 2 words I AM so we choose words of love, compassion etc.)