As the spouse or partner of someone experiencing depression, your support is extremely important. Attempt to foster an environment of trust, love and support. Your support through difficult times will reflect positively in your relationship and help to improve symptoms of your partner's depression.

A lack of spousal support, including misunderstanding or disappointment, may result in negative consequences in your relationship and worsen the symptoms of depression.


Family, Friends and Co-Workers

An individual experiencing depression tends to feel immense sensations of loneliness, so support from friends or family is beneficial. Reassure him/her that they're not alone and that support is available anytime.

Initially it may be difficult for the individual experiencing depression to openly share their feelings and emotions. Be patient and refrain from inflicting pressure. If the individual does openly share their feelings, it's important to listen, non-judgmentally in a caring and consoling manner.

Encourage him/her to seek help, take their medications, and to try engaging in everyday actives. Individuals experiencing depression will often feel down on themselves and unmotivated at times. Your encouragement may go a long way.

Support Options

To learn about the treatment options and support available for you and your loved one, read about depression and other topics in our Resources menu.

Click here to view MDAM's brochure for family and friends.

If you or your loved one are experiencing severe symptoms related to depression, such as self-injury or suicidal thoughts, seek immediate help and consult your doctor.