Making Peace with your Body: Strategies for Healing Body Image - Chantal Lacoste

Chantal will be discussing what body image is and what are some aspects of someone's appearance or body that might influence their body image. Particpants in the group will then use thier awareness to notice behaviours that promote weight preoccupation and negative body image. Participants will listen to thier body in order to find ways to have a healthier relationship with it. The topic of 'joyful' movement will follow and a discussion on some of the things that participants may be putting off due to weight preoccupation. As well as what it would look like if we chose to put more time into what really matters to us. 

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*A peer support group session will be offered following the presentation.

Time & Place

Date and Time

September 13, 2018
7:00pm to 9:00pm


MDAM Office
100-4 Fort St.